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Aircraft Instruments

6 days ago

Digital EGT Gauges- Suitable for Most Exhaust Systems

EDM 960 Twin PrimaryAn EGT Gauge is also known as an exhaust gas temperature gauge. It is generally used to help with the monitoring of temperatures in the exhaust of a vehicle. Because high temperatures are dangerous for vehicles, it is key to have the best EGT gauges possible. When choosing the best EGT gauges, it is important to buy them from a company that you can trust. This is why choosing J.P. Instruments will be the best bet for you.

J.P. Instruments History

J.P. Instruments has a huge history in the world of engineering and technology. The founder, Joseph Polizzotto, began as a mechanical engineer at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft in Connecticut. He was working as a test engineer and worked on many jet aircraft engines. He actually designed the Scanner in 1979 that would go onto help with aviation. He opened J.P. Instruments in 1986 in Huntington Beach, California.

Today the company is known for giving its customers the best in gauges and technical instruments that can assist any exhaust system or vehicle. This staff prides themselves in giving the best deals and the best customer service to their clients. Not only do pilots buy from J.P. Instruments, but mechanics value their tools and supplies as well.

J.P. Instruments Knowledge

The staff at J.P. Instruments has quite a bit to offer to its customers. They have a knowledgebase that will outshine all of the rest of the companies in their field. They can help their customers to better understand carb probes, scanners, fuel flows, upgrades, connectors, voltage issues, and instrument alarms. When you have any of these to deal with and are unsure on how to do so, J.P. Instruments is one of the best companies for you to choose.

J.P. Instruments not only has the knowledge to help with most mechanical problems, they also can help you to determine the best parts for your vehicle. If you need aviation parts or simple mechanical parts, they will walk you through the process entirely. Their customer service reps are ready to help with all of your mechanical problems.

Products and Services

If you are looking for EGT Gauge, this is the store for you. J.P. Instruments can meet all of your needs in one simple search. EGT gauges are incredibly important because they can help you to determine just how hot your vehicle is getting. If your vehicle gets too hot, it will need to be replaced. J.P. Instruments will be able to get these EGT CHT Gauge for you. They will help your vehicle from getting too hot and save you from any further damages that could be done. These EGT gauges can fit practically any vehicle and you will be glad you bought from J.P. Instruments.

When choosing a company that you can trust, J.P. Instruments is here for you. For all of your mechanical needs, choose them for their knowledge and well trained staff. Their customer service and products are just two of the many ways that they can better serve you.

2 weeks ago

An EGT CHT Gauge is Your Insurance Against Expensive Damage!

Slim-Line InstrumentsAn aircraft owner or a pilot goes through many pre flight procedures in order to ensure that him and or his passengers are safe after take- off. One of the biggest insurances that you can afford for your aircraft is investing in a high end EGT & CHT gauge. Both of which can save you thousands of dollars on the engine maintenance and damage. But before understanding how they can save you money and be your insurance from damage, there needs to be an understanding of what they provide for the owner.

EGT Gauge

This gauge holds full responsibility in displaying how much exhaust heat your piston engine gives off. All in all, it measures the heat energy that is wasted during an exhaust stroke in the moment that the cylinder is under lowered stress. Normally on the display of the actual gauge you may find three lights (Red, Green, Yellow). Those indicate precaution stages with red obviously meaning to be prepared for the worst. In a piston aircraft it holds the responsibility for the mixture of fuel and air to give the best performance/range of the engine.

CHT Gauge

Unlike the EG Gauge, the CHT holds measure for heat energy that is wasted during a power stroke when the cylinder undergoes maximum stress. It is very essential to limit the CHT in order to ensure cylinder longevity. There are several other responsibilities that this gauge holds:

• Losses of Friction
• Radiation
• A Conduction to Air

The One and One Together Solution

In comparison to a vehicle, aircraft maintenance is quite pricey. There is no really set in stone insurance that can save you from huge engine expense either. But what can play the key role is installing an EGT Gauges & CHT gauge in your aircraft. All functions of the engine can be monitored and maintained at the correct moment, thus allowing you to save money and be insured that the long activity of the cylinder will be extended. Other benefits include:

• Early Warnings
• Maintenances
• Abnormal Combustion Events
• Low/High Pressure Identification
• Temperature
• Oil Temperature

All in all both Digital EGT Gauge are used to prevent and monitor multi functions of the aircrafts engine and cylinders. Since everything depends on each other, you need a system that can ensure you that your aircraft will be safe to fly and can be depended upon. In addition, a great gauge system will act as your insurance that will help cut maintenance cost and save you money. Expensive damage can usually occur when there is not proper maintenance of when things when they need to get done, but when the warning comes at the right time there should not be any excuse of why you would not be prepared.

3 weeks ago

The EDM 700...A Man’s Personal Flight Engineer

EDM 700Being a couple of thousand of feet up in the air gives you plenty of things to worry about. One of the main things to worry about when flying your plane is your engine and the aircraft safety. That is the only thing that can take you up in the air and bring you down safely. Therefore, monitoring an engine is one of the top priorities for all flight pilots. So, in order to focus your mind on just flying the aircraft, the EDM 700 Personal Flight Engineer is the monitoring co-pilot that you need.

Important Features

There are many Personal Flight Engineer models on the market for all sorts of aircrafts and pilots. The EDM 700 model covers a wide range of cylinder aircrafts from 4 to 9. Although, the main difference are the features that offer the ultimate comfort and satisfaction to the pilots needs.

• Alarms- 29 to be exact, which include EGT Differential, Shock Cooling, Fuel Flow and much more.
• EGT Bar Graph- A Variable Scaling Showing.
• The Lean Find Mode- Identification of the 1st and last cylinders to peak.
• Option of Fuel Flow- It is the only engine graphic monitor that shows the complete Aircraft Engine Sensors system. Along side that it has the FAA approval for all the model of EDM’s.
• Oil Temp- An option that shows in one degree increments.


One of the greatest feelings is when things are taken care of for you. Even such things as adjustments on the field can be done for you with the EDM 700 model. It has the most progressed and accurate piston engine-monitoring out there. Aside from that, there is some more specification that makes your flight time more enjoyable:

• Volts
• Cooling of the Shocks
• Pressure of oil
• Temperature of oil
• All of the needed and required harnesses
• 100 hours of Data Recording. USB Download available.
• Data Logging (Long Term Module)

As always the list is ongoing, but with a small financial window that you may acquire this model with. The lowest cylinder model of 4 can be purchased for about $1,640 while the biggest 9 cylinder for $3,295.

Reliability and skill is one of the few things that all pilots count upon when flying any aircraft. That is why the Aircraft Level Sensors Management 700 system is the most reliable instrument on the market. Its features and specifications make any pilots flight time more safe and enjoyable on all basis. Being worry free thousand of fee in the sky is any pilots dream come true. So get your personal flight engineer on board and fire up the engines.

1 month ago

Slimline Pressure Gauge Has a Reliable Bourdon Tube Mechanism Inside

Slim-Line InstrumentsIf you are looking for a safe and noninvasive gauge you should definitely check the Slimline Pressure Gauge a product by J.P.Instruments Company. The company is founded in 1986 in Huntington Beach, California, USA and since then is one of the best companies on the market for gauges and other instruments and accessories.

The customers of J.P.Instruments Company have an opportunity to find the best products and service which will satisfy their needs when it comes to aircraft instrumentation.

Slimline gauges are one of the most popular products that the J.P.Instruments Company is offering to their customers. The use of this type of gauge is mostly for homebuilt and experimental aircraft.

It is easy to transport around the house and will satisfy all your needs. It has a bright red display, so you can easily read the data that will appear on the screen. Depends on your needs, the Slimline Pressure Gauge can be purchased separately or in clusters.

The Slimline Gauge can be updated two times per second and has an accuracy of +/- 1 RPM. The great benefit is that has an “over boost” alarm, which will help you to wake up in the morning or will remind you to do the most important daily activities. The resolution is 0.1 inches of Hg and 0.1 Volt or amp resolution.

Another thing that is really important for this type of gauge offered by J.P.Instruments Company is design. It is designed to save panel space and can give you all important information to keep flying safety.

Avionic Instruments has a reliable bourdon tube mechanism inside and some other important specifications that you need to know for this product are:

* All engine functions are available and working just fine ;
* This type of Slimline gauge and all other are FAA TSO approved ;
* Tachometer as a part of this gauge is STC advisory approved ;
* TIT, Oil Temp, CHT are approved by TSO-FAA Primary for certified aircraft ;
* The weight is 0.19 lbs. with 12/24 volts ;
* Instruments of Slimline Pressure Gauge are 2? wide, 1? high and 3? deep.

Knowing these specifications and features of Slimline Aircraft Engine Sensors there are not any reason to think twice before you order your new gauge. The company is dedicated to their existing and potential new customers, so all products and service, including Slimline Gauges, are available for an affordable price.

It is a popular type of gauge thanks to the plot who is refusing to sacrifice accuracy and reliability in engine and flight data.

You can definitely use this great product and satisfy all your needs when it comes to good service, high quality, and utmost reliability.

1 month ago

Aircraft Engine Analyzer For Protection From Damage And Explosion

Aircraft Engine AnalyzerAlmost all of the airplanes today being powered by turbofan engines, we can lay all our doubts to rest as far as reliability is concerned. They are designed to provide a trouble- free service through the years, but there always remains a question of ‘if’. When that occurs several thousands of feet up in the air, there remains nothing to do but pray. But, you could avoid that if you could diagnose engine malfunctions before you took flight. Not that an engine can’t start malfunctioning all in a sudden up above, but hints come aplenty when you are still grounded.

With an advanced and accurate aircraft engine Data Analyzer and Management system, you can monitor the piston engines from your cockpit. It is a combination of a flight engineer, a maintenance manager and flight-data backup system that saves you from facing mid-air explosions.

The most advanced Aircraft Precision Products have several features to assist the pilots during their flights. On one hand, they include built-in, pilot-programmable alerts, while on the other, provides engine diagnostics and records the data (for later reviewing by maintenance crews). These also come with a hands-free learning assistance and scalable EGT bars.

Consider the aircraft engine analyzer an extension of your eyes in the cockpit. They are never tired and never fail to notice even a single flinch in the critical engine parameters. They always keep you updated on the engines’ RPM, manifold and oil pressure, Gyro Vacuum, voltages and amps and the rate of flow and pressure of the fuel, compression, air-fuel ratios and even ignition! The aircraft engine analyzer also helps you to fly a plane on the lean or peak sides by displaying the peak temperature for every cylinder, thereby allowing you to regulate fuel flow in every cylinder.

Additionally, they allow for setting program alarms for each of the individual functions (CHT, EGT, Avionic Instruments differential limit etc.), which is vital due to cylinders with varying operating ranges. The advantage of programming directly from the face panel of the instrument in an easy and straight-forward manner is a boon to the pilots. Even to them new in the business and just a little help from the diagnostic manuals should be enough to operate on an aircraft engine analyzer.

Usually, an aircraft engine analyzer shows its readings through bar-graph displays, the advantage being it provides for an instant view of the engine-health. If something comes up all in a sudden, it enables an instant switching over to a view that’s more precise and focuses particularly to that function. This data is recordable and downloadable to computers through USB cables and allows for getting straight into the problem without losing time on figuring out what’s wrong.

2 months ago

Slimline Instruments Are Designed To Save Panel Space and Provide You Accurate Information

Aircraft EngineIf you truly want to get the best when it comes to aircraft instruments, Slimline would be the best brand that you can have on your plane. It has all the advantages that you would need to travel safely without the added weight of bulky machinery inside the plane.

Here are some additional advantages that you will get once you get a hold of Slimline instruments.

Additional Advantages

You will get state of the art addends for your engine. If you need to have a machine that will be able to monitor the temperature, oil flow, and overall functioning of your engine, Slimline will be able to give this to you easily.

Additionally, you will also get to choose between single engine and multiple engine management systems. This means that no matter what kind of aircraft you are trying to fly, Slimline instruments will be able to accommodate rigorous machine usage without any problems.

Think of the machines as your in-house flight engineer. These instruments will be able to monitor your progress and functioning as you do your work piloting the plane. You do not have to worry about changing temperatures and fuel flow for sure. All you have to do is to concentrate on the flying and everything else will follow.

Aside from this, you will also get easy to understand navigating panels, which will allow you to operate the machine and the plane itself in a much better fashion than before. With this website, you will be able to get a hold of certified primary Aircraft Sensor Systems for flying that will be able to help you have the most secure operations and flights down the line.

On the other hand, if you are looking for different types of probes and sensors for your plane, you should be looking at as soon as possible this website. We have different kinds of probe models depending on the plane and engine specifications that you might have.

Product Samples

Here are some examples of products that you can avail through the website.

• The Compressor Discharge Temperature Probe
• The Bayonet Probe
• The TIT Probe

With these products Fuel Gauges samples, you will be able to experience using a durable and long lasting piece of equipment made of stainless steel. This will allow your intercooler and airport to regulate the temperature inside the plane with efficiency. You do not have to worry about the engine overheating anymore because of this probe.


These are just some of the major advantages of availing the specific products from the website itself. You will be able to save panel space, provide information accurately as well as apparent comfort because of these high-tech products.

You should definitely explore these gadgets as soon as possible.

2 months ago

Aircraft Engine Analyzer - Protection from Damage and Explosion

Aircraft EngineIntroducing the EDM 760 by J.P. Instruments – a Aircraft Engine Data Analyzer and Management system that is the most advanced and accurate piston engine-monitoring instrument on the market. With a TSO Certification for quality, the EDM 760 Aircraft Engine Data Analyzer and Management system is not just any addition to your cockpit, it is a Flight Engineer, Maintenance Manager and flight data backup system that not only pays for itself, it also protects your aircraft from damage and mid-air explosion.

The EDM 760 includes built-in pilot-programmable alerts for engine trouble, it records engine data for review by maintenance crews, it provides in-flight aircraft engine diagnostics, hands-free leaning assistance, scalable EGT bars, adjustable brightness control, and a host of other monitoring functions.

EDM 760 Aircraft Engine Data Analyzer and Management system is an additional pair of eyes in your cockpit – eyes that never get tired, eyes that monitor all critical engine parameters including RPM, Gyro Vacuum, Manifold Pressure, Volts, Oil Pressure, Amps, Fuel flow and Pressure.

The pilot can program alarms for each individual function including CHT's and EGT's with EGT differential limit. This is vital because some Aircraft Flow Sensors can often have cylinders with different operating ranges from one another. Also, the EGT differential alarm will alert the pilot to rogue EGT's that could possible indicate a larger problem occurring within your aircraft engine. The pilot can program direct from the face of the instrument and the programming is easy and straight-forward.

In fact, the EDM 760 Aircraft Engine Data Analyzer and Management system will alert the pilot to most problems that occur within the aircraft engine. These problems could relate to compression, fuel mixture or ignition. In fact, the EDM 760 offers your aircraft protection from severe damage and possible explosion. Digital EGT Gauge analysis is pretty straight-forward and even a new pilot can trouble shoot engine problems on their own using the Diagnostic Manual.

The EDM 760 offers a bar graph display for instant view of your engine health. But should something come up, the pilot can instantly switch over to a more precise digital view of each function being monitored.

The EDM 760 has a downloadable internal data storage facility. Engine performance data is stored in internal memory modules and this data can be downloaded for analysis into service engineer's computer via serial or USB cable.

Flying the plane Lean side of peak or Rich side of peak is made easier with the EDM 760 because it displays the peak temperature for every cylinder including how far from peak each cylinder is operating after peaking or how far from peak the leanest cylinder is. This information helps the pilot determine where their cylinders are in relation to peak during the leaning process.

Accessories include the JPI USB Download Box, the USB to Serial Adapter and the EGT Probe PN- M111.